Endless Arcade Ltd
Based in Southampton, UK

Founding date:
Jan, 2017


Press / Business contact:


Diamond Geezer!

Rownhams House, Rownhams
Southampton, SO16 8LS. UK

+44 (0)2381 781 640


We’re a new, independent games company based in Hampshire, England. We invent fun, playable endless arcade games that are easy to pick up and put down (not that you’ll ever want to!). No complicated rules. No age limits. Just great fun, with a bit of retro thrown in for good measure. Inspired by the games and media we grew up with here in Britain, our games are big on personality. You’ll find characters, references and game play that deliver an almighty blast from the past (for those old enough to remember) and have you hooked from the word go!



We’ve worked in the creative and digital industries all our lives. We saw a gap in the market for games with a certain je ne sais quoi and Bob’s your Uncle, here we are today. We aim to create games that go beyond game play. They’re a celebration of everything we’ve grown up with and loved. A reminder of what it means to be part of our generation of thirty-somethings in Britain (plus one who’s 40 – she’d rather not talk about it).

But our games don’t appeal to just a single generation, they’re for all ages. We know what teenagers love playing. We’ve got some of our own (aged 14 and 19!) They’ve watched us bury our heads in our phones more than them (if that’s even possible). And they’ve opened our eyes to the blindingly obvious more than once too.



Diamond Geezer

This is possibly the most addictive app game I've played since Flappy Bird!

John Williams


– Simple gameplay
– 49 different characters
– Variable environments
– Compete for high scores
– Social media sharing
– Daily free gift
– Retro style graphics

iOS Requirements:
– iOS 7.0 or later
– iPhone,iPad, iPod Touch
– 36.8 MB download size

Pricing & Availability:
Diamond Geezer is free to play and available for download in all AppStores worldwide. Characters can purchased within the app for a cost of 0.99

A cracking iOS game for diamond geezers everywhere. He who dares wins!

You’re a crack and a swipe away from hitting the big time. But will you smash it? You’ve stumbled on a diamond mine in Botswana (as you do!), pickaxe in hand. All you need to do is crack the rocks and swipe as many diamonds as you can before your luck runs out. But be careful not to smash them. And make sure a tap is a tap and a swipe is a swipe – as every diamond geezer knows, precision’s the name of the game. Just two simple gestures, get them right and you’re laughing. How hard can it be? Some rocks are harder to crack than others but c’est la vie! With 5 variable environments and 49 amusing characters to unlock, Diamond Geezer is great fun and maddeningly addictive. Collect 100 diamonds and you can exchange them for a go on the one armed bandit. Spin to win, for the chance to win free diamonds and characters.

Creative Director, Pete Davies, says: “We all know someone who’s a bit of a geezer. Way back to the barrow boys of the East End, the wheeler dealers of the nineties,through to the self-made Cockneys today. Geezers are everywhere, always have been and they’re uniquely British.

“We wanted to create a game that rang a few bells with people. Players in their 30s and older are likely to recognise some of the characters and gameplay they grew up with, particularly here in Britain. There’s definitely a nostalgic nod or two in there. At the same time you don’t need to engage with any of that to play it. The priority was to create something to get everyone everywhere hooked. A game you can pick up quickly while you’re waiting for the bus or for your fish and chips.”