Dunking pizza in milk?!

It’s the latest food craze that hit the internet this week when a college student posted a photo of it to Twitter. People everywhere are reposting and trying it themselves-with the likes of Huffington Post, Mashable and Buzzfeed all talking about it, as well as radio and TV show hosts including Jimmy Kimmel and Nick Grimshaw.

But whether you do or don’t fancy dunking and eating this completely crazy combo for real, you can try your hand at Pizza Milk all the same.

You’ll grasp the rules in the time it takes to say Pizza in Milk! Just tap the screen when you want to dunk your pizza and hope it hits milky heaven for the perfect pizza-milk union! Although beware, you’re unlikely to get the tune out of your head for several days!

Creative Director, Pete Davies, says: “We’re working on several new games at the moment but this one had to jump the queue. I’m yet to try the real pizza in milk. And now, thankfully, I don’t have to. I think I’ve just designed my perfect get out of jail free card!”

“The priority, as with all our games, was to create something really accessible and playable that tapped into our culture. Something to get everyone everywhere hooked. It’s a game you can pick up quickly while you’re waiting for the bus – or for that matter, your takeaway pizza!”